Thursday, 8 June 2017

June Diary 2017 !

29th Jun - 

The rain has subsided leaving a warm humid feel to the woods today, a few birds still singing, mainly Blackcap, although I did hear a Nuthatch calling and a brief view of a Green Woodpecker. Today seemed to be a day for Butterflies, I have never seen so many Ringlet Butterflies of all sizes on the wing , closely followed by Meadow Brown, the long grass of the glades seems covered in them. Small Skippers are very numerous as well with the odd Large Skipper being seen. just one Comma, one Red Admiral, about five Marbled Whites appearing around the glades.

Dragonflies represented by one female Common Darter.

female Small Skipper on Knapweed.
Large Skipper
Marbled White

Marbled White

25th Jun - A dry bright start to the day although temperatures were down, Butterflies were more prevalent today with good numbers of Meadow Brown and Ringlets all along the trails, my first Marbled White of he year was seen in the glades which would not settle for its photograph, a few Comma, several small Skippers and one Large Skipper.

Small Skipper
Large Skipper

20th  Jun -  An early walk through the woodlands at 0700 hrs to give my dog some relief from the high temperatures was quite pleasant with the woodlands to myself for a change. lots of Birdsong, a few birds seen included Jackdaw, Wood Pigeon, Robin, Song Thrush, Great Tit, Ring Necked Parakeet. Butterfly sightings were mainly confined to Meadow Brown, Ringlets Large Skippers and the unfortunate demise of a Cinnabar, only the second seen here so far this year.

Cinnabar for breakfast

Worn Ringlet Butterfly

14th Jun -  The woodlands birds are still keeping there heads down at the moment, very difficult to catch a glimpse of anything at the moment, although a young Tree-creeper showing no fear, crept up a tree very close to me.

Butterfly sightings are sporadic at the moment, I have noticed more Meadow Browns appearing at the moment and the first Skippers are also starting to appear with this fine looking Large Skipper.

Meadow Brown
Large Skipper
Unusual to see fungi appearing in mid summer but this specimen caught my eye, not sure what it is though.

                                     A nice Swollen-thighed Beetle glistening in the sunlight

1st Jun - 8th Jun -  A quick review of recent life in the woodlands and surrounding parkland,  Bird sightings have been unspectacular, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Blackcaps appear to have stopped singing, Wood Pigeon, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow, Magpie, Jay, Ring Necked Parakeet, a Moorhen was seen in one of the Road flood relief pools near the car park, a few Swallow sightings around Jeskyns country park with a very obliging individual nesting in the rain shelter next to the park cafe.

Temperatures have dropped last few days and heavy rain has kept the Butterfly numbers down, for me anyway. Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral and an uncooperative Painted Lady which hid in the centre of a huge nettle bank.

Red Admiral
Common Blue

Speckled Wood

Painted Lady

No sign of any Skippers as yet, but these small micro moths, a type of Long Horn Moth called  Nemophora degeerella caught my eye today, at least ten dancing around in the sunlight, the males with there very long antennae  looking very strange

Nemophora degeerella
White Tailed Bumblebee's seem very common at the moment with a few Red Tails being seen.

Red headed Cardinal Beetle seen in the long grass while looking for skippers.

A few Foxgloves have flowered in the last few days not so many as last year, and some lovely Wild Honeysuckle appearing around the woodland.


Wild Honey-Suckle

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  1. Lovely set of photographs, I've greatly enjoyed watching the bumblebees this year. The red tail workers seem to like the white clover at work in particular