Friday, 22 September 2017

September Diary 2017

26th Sept -  Still not seeing many birds at the moment in the woodland, I have been looking for the Birds nest Fungi but no luck as yet, I did find this nice Fly Agaric appropriately under a Silver Birch Tree,  newly emerged Stump Puffball and a small unidentified fungi.

Fly Agaric

Stump Puffball


22nd Sept
- Not been much to report of late, bird sightings remain elusive the only bird of note was a single Treecreeper seen unusually on the edge of the orchard.

An interesting chat with a fungi enthusiast led to him showing me some emerging Fluted Birds nest Fungi coming through the leaf litter, which to be honest I could not even focus on with my eyes let alone try and get a photograph of.

My first Araneus quadratus or Four-spotted Orb Weaver was seen today, the first a probable male taking into account its small size dealing with a freshly caught fly in the long grass alongside the track fence.

male Araneus quadratus  

Another Araneus quadratus  again in the long grass in the meadow looks like a plump female.

female Araneus quadratus  

Not sure what this fungi  is called at the moment, seen growing in the long grass in the hedgerow.

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  1. THe orb weavers are very busy here, still plenty of insects for them to catch, lots of their webs have kills in!